Customer Success Manager

Craft AI is hiring!


Craft AI est une société française fondée en 2015 qui a pour mission de démocratiser l’usage de l’Intelligence Artificielle par les entreprises.

Comment ? Grâce à sa plateforme de MLOps (Machine Learning Opérations) et ses applications d’IA.

Concrètement, Craft AI est une plateforme SaaS à destination des Data Scientists. Son objectif est de faciliter le déploiement et le pilotage en production des modèles de Machine Learning car ces étapes s’avèrent particulièrement longues et complexes. La plateforme dispose de nombreuses fonctionnalités permettant d’accélérer et d’automatiser l’industrialisation des projets d’IA.

Nous commercialisons également des applications d’IA prêtes à l’emploi :

  • Tuteur Virtuel
  • Prévision des ventes
  • Maintenance prédictive
  • Détection d'anomalies

L’ambition de Craft AI est d’être la plateforme de référence pour toutes les équipes de Data Science. Pour cela, une levée de fonds en Série A de 15M€ a été réalisée auprès de fonds d’investissement pour apporter toujours plus de valeur et de nouvelles fonctionnalités à nos clients.

Nous recherchons des talents pour accompagner notre développement, alors rejoins-nous !

Job Description

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), you will collaborate closely with and report to the Strategy & Operations Manager and the VP Operations of Craft.AI.

Your role will be to assist our customers in their journey and use of the Platform, to ensure their continuous satisfaction and to participate in the improvement of the product in collaboration with all internal teams: from their onboarding to upsales!

Your missions will be to :

Assist customers with the use of the platform, coordinate the internal teams (Product, Data Science and Sales teams) to answer the needs of customers, helped with an internal process, and improve our Platform. You will :

  • Identify jointly with our customers their main goals while using our product
  • Be the privileged contact point for customers on a daily basis (multi-channel) and collaborate with internal technical teams to address efficiently issues raised by customers
  • Contribute to the framing and development of a monitoring dashboard to automate the evaluation of customer satisfaction, platform usage tracking and provide performance indicators
  • Produce analysis and define action plans to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Collect and consolidatecustomer feedback and collaborate with the Product team to help improve the product
  • Collaborate with the Sales and Presales team to identify development and upsell opportunities


  • Close collaboration and a lot of interactions with all internal teams (Sales, Product, Technical teams)
  • Customer proximity to collect essential feedback for product development: improve your understanding of the MLOps & AI challenges, markets and major players
  • Master the keys to implement Machine Learning algorithms on concrete business cases
  • Be a protagonist in the development of an ambitious and growing tech startup
  • Offices in the heart of Paris, rue de Rennes in the 6th district
  • A favorable and flexible telecommuting policy
  • A Swile meal ticket card

Preferred Experience

This job is for you if:

  • You have a degree from an engineering/business school or equivalent and have a first professional experience (minimum 1.5 years post-school or degree) where you have been in contact with customers in a technological environment
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills, a good sense of customer service and a particular attention to meet their needs
  • You have basic knowledge in and taste for Data and AI, or software development
  • You have an analytical mind and have already contributed to the design and implementation of processes and tools
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to contribute to the development of a vivid start-up
  • You have English proficiency and are fluent in French

Recruitment Process

  • 1st interview (30 min by phone / Google Meet) : present your profile and your interests, and learn more about Craft AI
  • 2nd interview (1h in person) : in-depth discussion and role-playing as a Customer Success Manager
  • 3rd interview (1 hour face-to-face) : confirmation interview

We particularly encourage individuals with under-represented profiles on the local job market to apply to this opportunity.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 June 2023
  • Location: Paris
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 1 year
  • Possible partial remote
  • Salary: between 40000€ and 45000€ / year